Вино и шоколад: за и против

Chocolate and wine pairing can be a divine experience for your senses – and with Easter nearly here, what better time to try this for yourself.

As with food and wine matching in general, we don’t think you should get too hung up or confused about it. However when drinking wine with food, you will have found that at times sublime sensory moments happen, don’t they? You hit on a perfect match between what you are eating and what you are drinking. The more you can orchestrate that happening the more you’ll enjoy yourself!


Chocolate and wine pairing – to be or not to be? It’s one of those tricky and much discussed combinations, the only sure-fire answer is that if a pairing works for you, then that pairing is a success. With a colossal abundance of flavours and types of chocolate now available (geranium, pistachio or banana anyone? strawberry and black pepper was my recent favourite actually!) then if you enjoy experimenting and aren’t afraid to try something new, you can have fun, whether your eggs or bars of choice are white chocolate, milk, dark or flavoured.

Well I never knew that

Did you know chocolate and wine are made in the same way? (including a fermentation, the same yeasts). ‘Divine’ chocolate company gives a good summary of the bean to bar-creation process. Did you know for example that cocoa trees grow some 12-15 metres high, and produce just 20-30 cocoa pods (like small yellow rugby balls) with each tree producing just a few bars of chocolate?! Understanding how cocoa beans are turned into chocolate and how some chocolates are made sweet or intensely bitter, can help you understand why pairings work. And hey, both are even good for you! Remember that white chocolate contains no cocoa powder at all, it’s made just from cocoa butter and sugar.

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